Where can I buy a made to measure air track?

Where can I buy a made to measure air track? we aim to work hard for all of our customers to get exactly what they want so we get more happy customers? Read our story!

We were contacted By Re who wanted a specific size track to fit into a space in her house! The standard 2m wide was way to big for a tight space she had in her home There was a 1.5m on the market but again it was just to big.
Re came to Elite Tracks to enquire about bespoke air track in time for christmas, we discussed her needs and the space available and decided on a 1.4m wide x 5m track! She was able to choose her colour options from all that were available, as well as the exact size needed. We had it  manufactured and delivered to her within a month and it fits perfectly! Its now ready for two lucky little girls this Christmas.
what a perfect Christmas present for two young gymnasts!

We really enjoy helping out our customers and giving them exactly what they ask for, we pride ourselves on our customer service as being second to non.

Do you have an awkward space that a standard track just wont fit? are you looking for an odd size that just isn’t available? We will make a bespoke air track just for you!

where can I buy a made to measure air track? check out http://www.elitetracks.co.uk/product-category/bespoke   

Or contact us at info@elitetracks.co.uk if you need a size perfect for you.


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