What makes are the safest air track for gymnastics?

Here at Elite tracks we get asked a lot what are the safest air tracks for gymnastics and  why don’t we do 10 cm deep tracks?

There is a very simple answer! Because 15cm is safer!

We aren’t saying our Elite tracks we are 100% safe, this is gymnastics, dance, parkour etc after all! but being 15cm deep we have the edge!

Most Air tracks when they were first introduced into gymnasiums across the world were all 10cm deep! But what the coaches found was that their gymnasts were still hitting the floor on impact! The tracks was also flipping up at the end with the cheaper tracks if the gymnast where to land less than a meter away from the end! They were also having to avoid the area of the track were the valve went into the side of the track.

  • A standard valve for most air tracks are 6.5cm in diameter leaving only 1.75cm each side of the valve to the seam. Not only does this put a huge strain on the seam but if the gymnast lands on it its going to hurt!
  • A lot of manufacturers tell you to avoid jumping near the valve? well what is the point in having a 4 meter track if you can really use only 3m?
  • Elite tracks are 15cm  deep. giving an extra 2.5cm each side of the valve, this not only protects the seam but also allows your gymnast to get the full use out of their track!

Gyms that Carry 10cm thick track also use gym mats underneath their track but most go on to replace the 10cm tracks with 15, 20 and 30cm tracks!

We know that impact to a level is great for growing bones but gymnasts do repetitive moves over and over again, placing strain on the bones and joints, here is a great article about healthy children and injury in gymnastics. you’ll see it recommends high quality equipment that is checked regularly and cushioning! whilst it doesn’t mention air tracks it is obvious that the more cushioning between your gymnast and the floor the better!

We recently supported a world class tumbler Jaydon Paddock and supplied him with his own track! He requested 20cm deep!! This is huge endorsement for the thicker the better!

So for the safest air track for gymnastics dance parkour or whatever you want to use yours for! Visit Elite Tracks


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