How to practice Gymnastics Beam at home


The balance beam is one of the more challanging apparatus you can work on in gym when it comes to accuracy, nerves and fear. The Elite Air Beam is a great way to build your confidence and practice new skills at home and get in those much needed hours of practice to perfect your routine.

The Elite Air Beam has a  center line that  is slightly raised to allow your gymnasts to feel the virtual edge of the beam with their hands and toes while the soft 40cm wide surface surrounding the center ensures gymnasts can focus on their landing.

Click here to see the Elite Air beam in use and give you some idea for uses and practice drills.

At Elite Tracks Uk Ltd we have a selection of home training equipment for Gymnasts, dancers, Parkour enthusiasts. the equipment can be used in a wide variety of sports and offers versitility and improved saftey for some of the more challanging sports.

Elite Tracks is Aiming to bring a new way of practice to sports.

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