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Which Air Track to Buy?

Which Air Track to buy?

The Million Dollar Question.

But as with a lot of larger purchases, it depends on your needs. You wouldn’t buy a nifty sports car to transport a family of 5.

When looking to invest in an Air track there are main questions to ask yourself

Where is it for?

Whos using it?

How often will it be used?

When will it be used?

Once you have answered these questions you can start thinking about Which Air Track to Buy.


There are plenty of toy options on some of the big webshops these are priced at about £60-100 for a 3m. They’ll do the job for a short while. These cheaper tracks are more prone to damage and seam degeneration so are only really made for occasional light use. They are usually only 10cm deep and so will not stop the user from hitting the ground. The thread cound will be lower than the commercial tracks and so the track wil be more prone to bubbling. The actual track material is also a cheaper plastic that will puncture and split easily. These tracks need to be protected on matted ground therefor increasing the cost.


The Mid range such as Elite Tracks UK Ltd  give you a qulity air track that will last and be supportive your choosen sport or activity. These air tracks start at around £170 and bring with them a sound quality product. They can be used day after day and these specific Air tracks start at 15cm deep and so will protect growing joints

They have a double layer wall constuction making them duarable The seams are glued withe a special bonding glue to stop any air leaks.

Elite Tracks UK ltd provide air tracks to clubs and schools as well as home. Both are made to the same high quality standards. So if you are using an airtrack at your club you can rest assured it will be as good as the one you use at home.


The high priced products are really just buying the brand name as they are made using the same methods as the mid range tracks.


Air tracks are easy to use and great to store making them a great choice for home use or clubs that have limited space or a shared venue.

Please call us now or visit the website for more information or advice on Which Air Track to Buy? . 07758 922510 or email us on info@elitetracks.co.uk