How to store an Air Track

We often get asked How to store an air track when its not in use.

Many people opt to inflate and deflate after every session. Others leave it up permenantly and only deflate to move it.

So there is no right and wrong here.

However we can give you some advice if you have been using your air Track out doors and wish for information on How to store and Air Track

We have posted a video here to demonstrate.

Top Tips

Always make sure the Track is clean and dry before storage.

Clean with a damp cloth, use dish soap if needed. dry with a towel.

Always roll towards the Valve.

Fold and Roll or just Roll.

Dont do lots of Folds as this could damage the Track.

leave the valve open to expel any air whils rolling.

keep in its storage bag.

For more information on how to maintain or care for your track please feel free to contact us

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