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Elite Air Tracks safety and usage Document (how to use an Air track)

·       Congratulations on your new Elite Tracks Air product. We want you to get the most out of your product so please read and retain this leaflet for your information. Personal This equipment is not suitable for children under 5 years old. ·        Do not allow more than one person on at a time ·        […]

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Which Air Track to Buy?

Which Air Track to buy?

The Million Dollar Question.

But as with a lot of larger purchases, it depends on your needs. You wouldn’t buy a nifty sports car to transport a family of 5.

When looking to invest in an Air track there are main questions to ask yourself

Where is it for?

Whos using it?

How often will it be used?

When will it be used?

Once you have answered these questions you can start thinking about Which Air Track to Buy.


There are plenty of toy options on some of the big webshops these are priced at about £60-100 for a 3m. They’ll do the job for a short while. These cheaper tracks are more prone to damage and seam degeneration so are only really made for occasional light use. They are usually only 10cm deep and so will not stop the user from hitting the ground. The thread cound will be lower than the commercial tracks and so the track wil be more prone to bubbling. The actual track material is also a cheaper plastic that will puncture and split easily. These tracks need to be protected on matted ground therefor increasing the cost.


The Mid range such as Elite Tracks UK Ltd  give you a qulity air track that will last and be supportive your choosen sport or activity. These air tracks start at around £170 and bring with them a sound quality product. They can be used day after day and these specific Air tracks start at 15cm deep and so will protect growing joints

They have a double layer wall constuction making them duarable The seams are glued withe a special bonding glue to stop any air leaks.

Elite Tracks UK ltd provide air tracks to clubs and schools as well as home. Both are made to the same high quality standards. So if you are using an airtrack at your club you can rest assured it will be as good as the one you use at home.


The high priced products are really just buying the brand name as they are made using the same methods as the mid range tracks.


Air tracks are easy to use and great to store making them a great choice for home use or clubs that have limited space or a shared venue.

Please call us now or visit the website for more information or advice on Which Air Track to Buy? . 07758 922510 or email us on info@elitetracks.co.uk


Air Tracks for Clubs

Are you looking for an Air track for your Club school or gym?

Here at Elite Tracks UK Ltd we pride ourselves on Quality, Customer Service and Price.

We understand lots of sports clubs are going through changes since Covid hit and we have tried our very best to help and support you.
With infection control so high on reopening guidelines and agendas, Elite Air tracks have become an integral part of helping supply equipment that is not only necessary in most clubs but also easy to clean and disinfect.

Over the years we have made bespoke Elite Air tracks for clubs in club colours, with club logos added for free. These tracks are made to a size and spec to fit your space, needs and budget.
We supply Dance clubs, Gymnastics clubs, schools, parkour clubs Trampoline clubs and many more.

Why choose Elite Tracks

We make our tracks to the Highest standards with Double Wall construction, 1000 denier thread count, hand glued seams and protection strips. As well as screen printing for Logos and made to order club colours. Therefore giving you a durable long lasting addition to your gym

Clubs often come to us from a recomendation and this in  itself speaks volumes about our quality and customer service.

We can offer our lowest prices in the return for some social media exposure and recomendations.

Elite Tracks are a family run business and pride ourselves on being a carbon neutral company. So if you are looking for an Air track for clubs or schools make us your first call. Our tracks are for fun as well as serious training

We also offer some limitied credit options please email us or call 07458 307011 and ask for details

How to store an Air Track

We often get asked How to store an air track when its not in use.

Many people opt to inflate and deflate after every session. Others leave it up permenantly and only deflate to move it.

So there is no right and wrong here.

However we can give you some advice if you have been using your air Track out doors and wish for information on How to store and Air Track

We have posted a video here to demonstrate.

Top Tips

Always make sure the Track is clean and dry before storage.

Clean with a damp cloth, use dish soap if needed. dry with a towel.

Always roll towards the Valve.

Fold and Roll or just Roll.

Dont do lots of Folds as this could damage the Track.

leave the valve open to expel any air whils rolling.

keep in its storage bag.

For more information on how to maintain or care for your track please feel free to contact us

If you would like to see what else Elite Tracks has to offer please visit our Shop 

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Tips on buying an Air Track

Tips on buying an Air Track.

With so many Air Tracks on the Market for home or gym use. Its sometimes mind boggling to figure out which one to buy.

You could save hundreds and buy a cheap one from the major online retailers such as  Amazon or Ebay. Or you could spend a little more from a reputabale supplier and hope its not a waste of money?

This Article will hopefully help you make that decision and give you a little bit of an insite into how the tracks are made. Why saving money now buying a cheap one could end up more costly in the future.


So here at Elite Tracks UK LTD we wanted to try to give information and therefore confidence in what to look out for. Giving you the top tips on buying an air track.

Firstly I’m not saying that the cheaper tracks don’t have their place! But they should be used and considered as a toy not a functional piece of training equipment.  .

There are many different reasons as to why the prices vary so much from the toy to the training air tracks. You will see some of the toy 3m x1mx10cm selling for as little as £60, whilst the 3m training tracks can go up to as much as £400. Elite tracks start from £199

Depth of Air Track

So the first thing to point out is the fact that Elite tracks start at 15cm deep. This instantly gives a higher value to the track as the materials cost more.  The cheaper versions are only 10cm deep. Our added 5cm makes a huge difference on growing bones and joints as it decreases the impact on landing. When a growing child lands on an air track it is helping to take away some of that impact. With the 10cm tracks however most children still have some impact on the floor! With the 15cm track this is resolved!

Most commercial gyms started out with the 10cm tracks but they used gym mats underneath. Air tracks purchsed for home use tend to be used on hard ground! Commercial gyms have now converted to 15, 20 or even 30cm tracks. (There are still some 10cm tracks on the market classed as training tracks selling for up to £250 these will have been manufactured like an Elite track but will still have some of the issues of the toy tracks with impact)


The other issue with the 10cm tracks is the valve. When you look at the standard valve size used in almost all air tracks it is about 7cm in diameter. This only leaves 1.5cm either side of the valve for the seam of the track. You will see on a lot of instructions that you should avoid landing near the valve. This is because it puts a strain on the seam and will eventually split it. Therfore you loose about a meter of your track in avoiding the valve, which to us just doesn’t make sense. if you buy a 3m track you want to use the full 3m.

You will see form the image below the areas marked red give the distance from the valve to the seam! Also check out the yellow  area showing workmanship on the 10cm  toy track compared to the training tracks

These areas show clearly that there is an increased level of workmanship gone into the training tracks.

Here is what happens regulaly with the thinner cheaper tracks and once the valve has gone its very difficult and mostly impossible to mend



The next point you sould look at when choosing an Air Track is the process involved in manufacturing quality more durable air tracks. The cheaper toy tracks will only be superficially glued. Not using setting agents to fully seal. While the tracks may seem air tight when first used they will gradually start to come apart at the seams as the glue hold wears off.

Here are the processes used in manufacturing the Elite Tracks home and Gym training tracks.

  • All tracks are made by hand, including gluing for a leak free seal, neatness, accuracy and finish.
  • Tested for air leaks twice. First when finish the gluing of the edge, and to check before adding the
    protection strip. Second time they are tested is  after the protection strip has been added on the edge of air
  • REACH and CE qualified double wall fabric materials. for safety and durability, drop stitched at 1000 thread per sqm. This helps a track keep form and stop it flipping at the ends.
  • PLATO PVC for edge materials, which is qualified PVC materials mused to make inflatable RIB boats used commercially
  • BRAVO valve used on all air tracks.
  •  Rubber handles, or Heavy duty handles(double woven layers).
  •  Curing agent is used in the gluing process in to prevent degumming and air leak. The same glue used to manufacture commercial inflatable boats
  • High quality double stitched Velcro.

Here are some of the processes or lack of used for the toy tracks.

  • Material has no Reach and CE report, lots are made with material used for making a inflatable toys. love thread count of 500-800 per sqm.
  • Top, edge and the protection strip glue is machine heated sealed rather than using curing agent, this hurts the material, and can not be repaired once it breaks down.
  • single layer fabric.
  • Low brand of valve is used for cost saving, this will not be as secure or as durable as the Bravo range used for high pressure items such as inflatable paddle boards.
  • Air track glue is low quality, This causes bubbles under the strips. and air leaks.
  • Velcro has single line stitching or just raw cut, and of low quality.
  • Single layer woven handles, glues on which will break easily.


Customer service and warranty

So Why are air tracks so expensive?

Another one of our top tips on buying an air track.

When you are buying form a UK company it is likely that the Air track has come form China but is stored and managed in the UK. Unlike the cheaper toy versions which sell on Amazon and ebay directly from Chinese manufacturers. This can lead to delays and problems when problems arise.


Here at Elite Tracks we have a great relationship with our suppliers. We worked hard to research and buy only quality tracks. We worked with leading UK gymnastics  coaches and athletes to test and trial the products and sourced the best quality available. Elite Tracks Uk Ltd had the tracks built to a standard that would last and look good whilst still being affordable. For use inside and out that would do what they are designed to do! Give the gymnast a safer landing surface to protect growing bones and joints as well as a great training aid to use at home.

Because of this we pride ourselves on the fact you will receive a quality item and so we therefore offer a 12 month no quibble refund or replacement should anything go wrong, something you may not get with the toy style tracks!

A lot of you will be looking to buy a track for a child that wants to practice their gymnastics, dance, diving or parkour at home. Would you want your child training on substandard equipment in the gym? I doubt it, so why should you at home? Surely you need them to be even safer!

Take a look at our 15cm tracks and you’ll see its an investment not an expense!

We hope this gives you some idea of what is involved in the pricing of an air track and give you peace of mind that you are investing in a quality track that will last. with a back up UK 5 star customer service.

More information

Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information or want to discuss any of our tips on buying an air track.


How to practice Gymnastics Beam at home


The balance beam is one of the more challanging apparatus you can work on in gym when it comes to accuracy, nerves and fear. The Elite Air Beam is a great way to build your confidence and practice new skills at home and get in those much needed hours of practice to perfect your routine.

The Elite Air Beam has a  center line that  is slightly raised to allow your gymnasts to feel the virtual edge of the beam with their hands and toes while the soft 40cm wide surface surrounding the center ensures gymnasts can focus on their landing.

Click here to see the Elite Air beam in use and give you some idea for uses and practice drills.

At Elite Tracks Uk Ltd we have a selection of home training equipment for Gymnasts, dancers, Parkour enthusiasts. the equipment can be used in a wide variety of sports and offers versitility and improved saftey for some of the more challanging sports.

Elite Tracks is Aiming to bring a new way of practice to sports.

visit our site or call us today for more information 07458307011


Why Buy From Elite Tracks

Why buy from Elite Tracks UK Ltd?

Elite Tracks UK is a Family run UK business with years of experience in the inflatable sports product market.

Elite Tracks Air products are manufactured in temperature and humidity-controlled environment which is also dust-free therefor producing a constant high-quality finish to all our air track products.

Our Elite Tracks, beams and Floors have around 100,000 threads per square metre.

Double wall fabric (DWF) with 1,000 denier

We only use high grade 0.9mm PVC for the side walls and centre lines.



All Air Track Pro products are REACH compliant and CE approved.

2 year Manufacturing defect warranty.

The adhesive that we use has a curing agent included making it the strongest possible bond to prevent air leakage.

Our air tracks are all sealed with the adhesive by hand so we can be sure the air track seam is flat and the Track Floor or Beam can be folded correctly.

When our air tracks are finished we inflate them for 24 hours to be 100% sure of a perfect non leaking product and then they are cleaned before packing.

Each Elite air track, beam or floor comes with inflation and deflation instructions as well as a comprehensive safety guide

Our Air track mats are equipped with 2 durable secure and sturdy carry handles on both sides.

2 Bravo valves (Italian brand), one for inflating and the other for the air gauge if required though it is impossible to over inflate with the pumps we supply.

Take a look at the track in use

Why are Elite Tracks  Air Track air tracks, beams and floors a better than the cheaper options available?

Why Buy from elite tracks

Most cheap tracks are Not REACH compliant or CE approved.

No guarantee of quality and risk of defects is high.

Other factories use machines to glue the seams together which uses very high temperatures. This weakens the material and so when folded the Track can be damaged by cracking and splitting and are beyond repair.

Although most factories do use adhesive, many don’t use a curing agent so after a relatively short amount of time they will start to leak air from the sides.

Workshop temperatures and humidity are not controlled and can be very dirty and dusty which can pass to the raw materials.

No repair kit carry bags or inflation, deflation instructions are included and most will not come with a warranty

Handles can be made from very weak materials which can easily break.

Only cheap valves used usually that will not withstand the use of a standard air track

Quite often when purchasing a cheap air track, you don’t know who or where it is from and most are sent direct from China. This leaves you with no back up  if something goes wrong?

Elite tracks UK Ltd is a family run UK business with the Owner Jo is only a phone call, text or email away.

See Air Tracks being used

Our videos are posted on our You Tube Chanel to help you.  see air tracks being used is hopefully gives you an example of what may be possible and will hopefully guide you

Our products are so portable and versatile. They Can be used at home, beach, park and gym


We are about to add more to the range with an inflatable air beam for beginner gymnasts as a safe way to practice the bean skills at home, us it on its own or on top of your air track.

In the video you will see our elite air Dots and ai r pads from our range

for more information visit our shop at elitetracks

Feel free to call us on 07458 307011 or email 


club air track offers

Club Air Tracks for return to training

Here at Elite tracks UK Ltd suppliers of high quality Inflatable club air tracks and inflatable home equipment.

We have prided ourselves on doing all we can to support our Gymnasts, Tumblers, dancers freestyle, parkour and Divers throughout this pandemic!

We have been approached by so many athletes during lockdown for help with buying equipment for home training,

So that they can continue working towards their dreams and goals by practicing their skills at home, on safe strong and durable equipment! our reviews speak for themselves in terms of quality and customer service.

Elite Tracks have helped hundreds of individuals across the UK and Ireland with giveaways, Ambassador selection and promotions,


We are now busy supporting clubs prepare for reopening with the best price possible on all of our club tracks

Our Club Air Tracks are made to order and so can be personalised and made to the colors of your choosing! You can even add your club logo for a small fee of £25

Contact us now on 07458307011 or email  for more information

Elite tracks  promise to keep prices low until 12th April 2021 when hopefully most will be returning to training.

For instance our 3m Air tracks which sell at £299 are currently down to £199

We supply and stock air tracks from 3m to 6m and from 1m wide to 2m wide

We also pride ourselves on having 15cm deep tracks as standard for the same price or less than our competitors who’s standard tracks only come in at 10cm.

Also see our Air blocks, Air mats, Air rolls and our most popular smaller item an Air dot also known as an Air spot.

Please visit the store to have a look at whats on offer before the prices go up on 12th April

Contact us now on 07458307011 or email  for more information