Why are air tracks so expensive

We often hear the question Why are air tracks so expensive?

So here at Elite Tracks UK LTD we wanted to try and answer this question.

Firstly I’m not saying that the cheaper tracks don’t have their place! But they should be used and considered as a toy not a functional piece of training equipment that Elite tracks are designed and manufactured to be.

There are many different reasons as to why the prices vary so much from the toy to the training air tracks. You will see some of the toy 3m x1mx10cm selling for as little as £60, whilst the 3m training tracks can go up to as much as £400. Elite track start from £199

So the first thing to point out is the fact that Elite tracks start at 15cm deep. This instantly gives a higher value to the track as the materials cost more.  The cheaper versions are only 10cm deep. Our added 5cm makes a huge difference on growing bones and joints as it decreases the impact on landing. When a growing child lands on an air track it is helping to take away some of that impact. With the 10cm tracks however most children still have some impact on the floor! With the 15cm track this is resolved! Most commercial gyms started out with the 10cm tracks but they used gym mats underneath. most air tracks used at home are on hard ground! Commercial gyms have now converted to 15, 20 or even 30cm tracks. (There are still some 10cm tracks on the market classed as training tracks selling for up to £250 these will have been manufactured like an Elite track but will still have some of the issues of the toy tracks with impact)

The other issue with the 10cm tracks is the valve! When you look at the standard valve size used in almost all air tracks it is about 7cm in diameter! this only leaved 1.5cm either side of the valve for the seem of the track. You will see on a lot of instructions that you should avoid landing near the valve, this is because it puts a strain on the seam and will eventually split it! so you loose about a meter of your track in avoiding the valve, which to us just doesn’t make sense. if you buy a 3m track you wan to use the full 3m.

You will see form the image below the areas marked red give the distance from the valve to the seam! also check out the yellow  area showing workmanship on the 10cm  toy track compared to the.

These areas show clearly that there is an increased level of workmanship gone into the training tracks.


The next point is the process involved in manufacturing quality, durable air tracks. The cheaper toy tracks will only be superficially glued. not using setting agents to fully seal. While the tracks may seem air tight when first used they will gradually start to come apart at the seams as the glue hold wears off.

here are the processes used in manufacturing the training tracks.

  • All tracks are made by hand, including gluing for a leak free seal, neatness, accuracy and finish.
  • Tested for air leaks twice. First when finish the gluing of the edge, and to check before adding the
    protection strip. Second time they are tested is  after the protection strip has been added on the edge of air
  • REACH and CE qualified double wall fabric materials. for safety and durability, drop stitched at 1000 thread per sqm , this helps a track keep form and stop it flipping at the ends
  • PLATO PVC for edge materials, which is qualified PVC materials mused to make inflatable RIB boats used commercially
  • BRAVO valve used on all air tracks.
  •  Rubber handles, or Heavy duty handles(double woven layers),
  •  Curing agent is used in the gluing process in to prevent degumming and air leak. the same glue used to manufacture commercial inflatable boats
  • High quality double stitched Velcro.

Here are some of the process or lack of)used for the toy tracks

  • Material has no Reach and CE report, lots are made with material used for making a inflatable toys. love thread count of 500-800 per sqm
  • Top, edge and the protection strip glue is machine heated sealed rather than using curing agent, this hurts the material, and can not be repaired once it breaks down.
  • single layer fabric
  • Low brand of valve is used for cost saving, this will not be as secure or as durable as the Bravo range used for high pressure items such as inflatable paddle boards.
  • Air track glue is low quality, This causes bubbles under the strips. and air leaks
  • Velcro has single line stitching or just raw cut, and of low quality
  • Single layer woven handles, glues on which will break easily

Next Customer service and warranty so Why are air tracks so expensive?

When you are buying form a UK company it is likely that the Air track has come form China but is stored and managed in the UK. Unlike the cheaper toy versions which sell on Amazon and ebay directly from Chinese manufacturers. this can lead to delays and problems when problems arise

Here at Elite Tracks we have a great relationship with our supplier. We worked hard to research and buy only quality tracks, we worked with leading UK gymnastics  coaches and athletes to test and trial the products and sourced the best quality available. We had the tracks built to a standard that would last and look good whilst still being affordable. For use inside and out that would do what they are designed to do! Give the gymnast a safer landing surface to protect growing bones and joints as well as a great training aid to use at home.

Because of this we pride ourselves on the fact you will receive a quality item and so we offer a 12 month no quibble refund or replacement should anything go wrong, something you may not get with the toy style tracks!

A lot of you will be looking to buy a track for a child that wants to practice there gymnastics or dance or parkour at home. would you want your child training on substandard equipment in the gym? I doubt it so why should you at home? surely you need them to be even safer!

Take a look at out 15cm tracks and you’ll see its an investment not an expense!

We hope this gives you some idea of what is involved in the pricing of an air track and give you peace of mind that you are investing in a quality track that will last. with a back up UK customer service.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information

What makes are the safest air track for gymnastics?

Here at Elite tracks we get asked a lot what are the safest air tracks for gymnastics and  why don’t we do 10 cm deep tracks?

There is a very simple answer! Because 15cm is safer!

We aren’t saying our Elite tracks we are 100% safe, this is gymnastics, dance, parkour etc after all! but being 15cm deep we have the edge!

Most Air tracks when they were first introduced into gymnasiums across the world were all 10cm deep! But what the coaches found was that their gymnasts were still hitting the floor on impact! The tracks was also flipping up at the end with the cheaper tracks if the gymnast where to land less than a meter away from the end! They were also having to avoid the area of the track were the valve went into the side of the track.

  • A standard valve for most air tracks are 6.5cm in diameter leaving only 1.75cm each side of the valve to the seam. Not only does this put a huge strain on the seam but if the gymnast lands on it its going to hurt!
  • A lot of manufacturers tell you to avoid jumping near the valve? well what is the point in having a 4 meter track if you can really use only 3m?
  • Elite tracks are 15cm  deep. giving an extra 2.5cm each side of the valve, this not only protects the seam but also allows your gymnast to get the full use out of their track!

Gyms that Carry 10cm thick track also use gym mats underneath their track but most go on to replace the 10cm tracks with 15, 20 and 30cm tracks!

We know that impact to a level is great for growing bones but gymnasts do repetitive moves over and over again, placing strain on the bones and joints, here is a great article about healthy children and injury in gymnastics. you’ll see it recommends high quality equipment that is checked regularly and cushioning! whilst it doesn’t mention air tracks it is obvious that the more cushioning between your gymnast and the floor the better!

We recently supported a world class tumbler Jaydon Paddock and supplied him with his own track! He requested 20cm deep!! This is huge endorsement for the thicker the better!

So for the safest air track for gymnastics dance parkour or whatever you want to use yours for! Visit Elite Tracks


Strength and conditioning

Enjoy The Benefits of Strength and Conditioning Training

When it comes to working out and getting healthy, there are many different important components – such as strength and conditioning. Whether you are into yoga or Body Sculpt, the fact of the matter is that building strength matters. In order to achieve your fitness goals and get into those hard-to-do yoga poses, you need to have a strong core. This is why strength and conditioning is so important. Because of all its incredible benefits, strength and conditioning is a critical addition to any fitness routine. Over the years health and fitness experts have tried to instill the importance of strength training in everyone from professional athletes to high school track stars and Pilates instructors. Now that we’ve established that strength and conditioning is a must for pretty much anyone, let’s look at some of the top benefits of these type of training:

Benefit #1: Helps Prevent Injury. One of the top benefits of strength and conditioning is that it will help protect you from preventable injuries. Those who understand body mechanics and have a good foundation when it comes to working out will be well-poised to strengthen tendons and ligaments and eliminate any muscle imbalances, which are some of the main causes of injury.

Benefit #2: Promotes Healthy Bones. A smart strength and conditioning program can actually help prevent osteoporosis, which is one of the most common ailments athletes suffer from later in life. By integrating regular weight bearing exercise and strengthening, you will be strengthening your bones, which will in turn result in a strong musculoskeletal system. Strong bones mean that you will be able to lift, move, and perform a wide range of recreational activities with ease and safety.

Benefit #3: Improved Posture. A strength and conditioning program or class will help train your muscles, allowing you to lift and hold your body upright in a much safer manner. With this in mind, you may actually appear taller and more confident, as opposed to hunched over and weak.

Benefit #4: Enhanced Mood. It is common knowledge that endorphins are released during an effective workout, such as our strength and conditioning class. This type of workout will provide you with the opportunity to burn calories at a faster right, while strengthening and toning your muscles at the same time. As you are burning calories and those endorphins are flowing, you may notice that your mood is elevated and you are able to deal with stressful scenarios much easier.

Benefit #5: Increased Fitness. Strength and conditioning works to make your body stronger, providing you with the skills you need in order to create a more effective workout overall. When your core is strong, you will be able to transfer energy to the rest of the muscles, resulting in more powerful muscle contractions and quicker repetitions.

Benefit #6: Increased Metabolism. As with many other types of exercise, strength and conditioning can actually increase your metabolism, helping you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By creating stronger muscles through strength and conditioning, you will burn more calories and keep the unwanted pounds off.


Looking for the top selling Christmas present for a gymnast or dancer? Hopefully this compilation of reviews will help put your mind at rest when choosing Elite tracks for quality and customer service!

visis http://www.elitetracks.co.uk/shop to view our current offers

We love receiving reviews from our customers. as a small family run business we do a little jig every time a product sells (been doing a lot of jigging lately)
Here are some of the great things our customer are saying, all original reviews are available on the product pages!

Dan Nov 2020 ‘We bought this for our daughter who is a very keen gymnast and acro dancer. We originally purchased the wrong size and Elite Tracks were fantastic at sorting out a replacement. It is exceptional quality and I’d thoroughly recommend getting the electric pump for assembly. It takes less than two minutes to set up and the same to deflate. We’re really pleased with our purchase, as is our daughter, who is now able to practice specific moves at home with much more confidence and is coming on brilliantly as a result. Thank you’

need more convincing of the top Christmas present for a gymnast read Natalies review below!

Natalie Nov 2020 ‘It is so bouncy and such a great piece of equipment as it is portable and very easy to carry and fun to try new setups for gymnastics. This is my second product from elitetracks and I could not recommend them enough their company is truly amazing. They are also so helpful over on their Instagram as the one I originally got had a puncture and they sent me a replacement which is amazing and in such good condition and answered any questions I had on how to send the other one etc. I love elitetracks and can’t wait to hopefully get more products in the future.’

so if you are looking for the top Christmas present for a gymnast or dancer and If you’d like to see what’s on offer at the moment please visit http://www.elitetracks.co.uk/shop

If you require any further information please feel free to call 07458 307011 or email us at info@elitetracks.co.uk and speak to our friendly owner Jo wicks

Where can I buy a made to measure air track?

Where can I buy a made to measure air track? we aim to work hard for all of our customers to get exactly what they want so we get more happy customers? Read our story!

We were contacted By Re who wanted a specific size track to fit into a space in her house! The standard 2m wide was way to big for a tight space she had in her home There was a 1.5m on the market but again it was just to big.
Re came to Elite Tracks to enquire about bespoke air track in time for christmas, we discussed her needs and the space available and decided on a 1.4m wide x 5m track! She was able to choose her colour options from all that were available, as well as the exact size needed. We had it  manufactured and delivered to her within a month and it fits perfectly! Its now ready for two lucky little girls this Christmas.
what a perfect Christmas present for two young gymnasts!

We really enjoy helping out our customers and giving them exactly what they ask for, we pride ourselves on our customer service as being second to non.

Do you have an awkward space that a standard track just wont fit? are you looking for an odd size that just isn’t available? We will make a bespoke air track just for you!

where can I buy a made to measure air track? check out http://www.elitetracks.co.uk/product-category/bespoke   

Or contact us at info@elitetracks.co.uk if you need a size perfect for you.


New product Ambassador

We are so happy to welcome Jaydon Paddock onto the team as product ambassador.
Read more about Jaydon on our ambassador page.

We have sponsored Jaydon by supplying him with a 10m x2m x20cm Air track for practicing his skills at home during lock down! It also gives us a great chance to showcase the quality of our tracks.

happy customers!

I always like to post when someone has made the effort to contact me regarding the products and today in no different.
I just received this lovely message (and i’m not going to lie it gave me goose bumps.) To know all the effort, handwork long days the huge learning curve as well as the risk has been worth it! Sam was one of Elite Tracks very first customers.
here is what sam sent!
”Hi, just wanted to thank you for making our lockdown more bearable with and elite MAG gymnast and development WAG/trampoline gymnast to entertain. Honestly, my air track purchase last year was inspired and I’m extremely grateful to have chosen your track given some of the issues our friends have had with some alternatives! May I share with you some of our fun?:

Elite tracks customer reviews

We are so happy when we receive Elite tracks customer reviews. As a new company we rely on our customers so much! thank you for your support!

Facebook review @elitetracksuk
Julie Godwin recommends Elite Tracks UK.

‘Wow just set up my daughters air track for her birthday and I’m over the moon with it great quality easy instructions for set up.’


This sort of review means the world to me! as Owner of Elite Tracks UK Ltd every sales make my day a little better! i actually get butterflies that someone has chosen one of our products! Our company in a family run business and is still in its infancy! We know we are up against some stiff competition out there and know that quality is often low to keep prices low. we pride ourselves on having researched the market to bring the highest quality tracks that will last, at family friendly prices! if you want to find out more or explore our range please go to http://www.elitetracks.co.uk/shop

If you require any further information on our product or wish to discuss a purchase with us please call  07458 307011 to speak to me Jo or email me at info@elitetracks.co.uk

as well as Air tracks we also supply air dots Air blocks and air rolls as well as an extensive range of strength and conditioning items for home or gym.

To leave your own elite tracks customer reviews please go to our product page and add your story!